Juggalo Paint And More Examining The Icp In-concert Experience

If youre a fan of underground hip hop, theres no doubt youve been to at least a few underground hip hop concerts. How do underground hip hop concerts differ from mainstream hip hop concerts? Well for one, they usually take place in a much smaller setting, because underground usually connotes music that is less appealing to the masses, hence why less people would show up to an underground hip hop show than mainstream arena concert.

Furthermore, the fans at underground hip hop concerts typically have a stronger devotion to the music, and you can expect there to be a lot more energy in tight, crowded quarters. But underground hip hop concerts have nothing on the experience that is ICP in concert.

Seeing ICP in concert almost always happens more than once, because after you see ICP in concert once you know you want to be there again as soon as possible. From Faygo showers (just what it sounds like) and Juggalo paint to thousands of Juggalos and badass beats, seeing ICP in concert really blows traditional underground hip hop shows out of the water.

This phenomenon takes root in the fact that, Juggalo paint or not, Juggalos and Juggalettes are completely obsessed with the Insane Clown Posse, especially when they get to see ICP in concert. Theres so much love for ICPs in-concert antics that Juggalos paint their faces to imitate the Juggalo paint on the faces of ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope.

Decorating your face with Juggalo paint is pretty easy in fact, and should be learned by any underground hip hop fan looking to see ICP in concert some day. For an accurate Juggalo paint job, all you need is black and white oil-based face paint. Then have a friend trace the Juggalo face paint outline on your face. If you like it, fill it in!

There are plenty of Juggalo designs to choose from, but as long as the Juggalo paint design you choose resembles some sort of maniacal clown youll be welcomed by fellow Juggalos when you see ICP in concert.

Other than Juggalo paint, what else goes down when you see ICP in concert? As briefly mentioned earlier, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope often douse the crowd with orange Detroit Soda pop Faygo. It has become such an inextricable part of Juggalo culture that now Juggalos will do it to themselves. At how many other underground hip hop concerts would this be an acceptable thing to do?

Then of course is the music. You can expect arena-wide sing-a-longs, greatest hits being played, fun storytelling from J and Dope, mosh pits, and lots of runny, sweaty Juggalo paint. Seeing how an ICP concert is a once in a lifetime experience, what are you waiting for?

Online Tools To Choose The Perfect Paint Color

You can hire the best painter in the world to help spruce up your home but the one thing he or she is not going to do is choose a color scheme for you. Painting contractors may offer advice but the choice is ultimately going to be yours to make.

Choosing the right combination of colors can seem like quite a tall order when there are literally thousands of different colors out there to choose from. Fortunately there are plenty of resources available out there to help you discover the perfect color scheme for your home before you spend hundreds of dollars on paint.
The Benjamin Moore Color Capture iPhone App

Yes, there really is an app for everything, including choosing paint colors for your home while on the train home from work. This app offers dozens of different ways for homeowners to discover and experiment with color and, best of all, it is free!

One of the best functions of this particular app is that if you happen to be out and about and spot a color you like, even an amazing color found in a spectacular sunset, you can snap a picture of it with the camera of your iPhone or iPod and the app will help you match it to one of their 3,300 shades of paint.
The Writings of Leatrice Eiseman

Leatrice Eiseman is executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and probably knows more about color than most of the rest of the world. Her books and articles provide a wealth of color advice and are a cracking good read as well. You can find her work at colorexpert.com
The Sessions Online Color Calculator

This nifty little tool, offered free by the Sessions College of Design helps users select HTML, RGB or CMYK colors, and identifies color harmonies and schemes.

Even if you didnt plan on repainting anytime soon, spend a few minutes with this tool and all the beautiful colors may have you reaching for the phone to find a good painting contractor right way!

Carpet Cleaning Help for Everett Residents

Many Everett residents treasure their carpet because of its unique charm. Carpets serve as good insulation during winter and may serve as anti-pollen protection on spring. These also add appeal to most homes and offices as it complements wall and ceiling colors.

If you’re an Everett resident and you’ve recently acquired a carpet, read about proper carpet care now. You should prepare yourself to vacuum your carpet to prevent dust and allergen accumulation. After the first six months, you should begin deep cleaning the carpet to eliminate germ and bacterial build-up.

If you can’t do the cleaning task yourself, think over hiring cleaning services now. Everett has many services for carpet cleaning and you can easily find a service via the net or through phone listings. If you’re still unsure on which services to hire, here are other tips to help you.

Ask a friend’s recommendations for Everett carpet cleaning service

Some may think that word of mouth is overrated, but word of mouth is more reliable because it’s based on experience. Go ahead and inquire to your friend about his or her experience about a cleaning company. Ask for price, scheduling and the overall quality of the service. Your friend’s background will help you get an idea of the company and whether you’d wish to hire them too.

Check the background of Everett carpet cleaners you’re looking to hire

If you wish to expand your knowledge on carpet cleaning companies, you can always do research by yourself. Log online and find trade groups for carpet cleaning so you know the latest equipment and products available on the market. You can also log on to consumer trade groups’ websites to assess the companies you’re planning to hire. Looking at the consumer trade websites will help you determine company overall performance.

Obtain proposals and price quotes from the Everett carpet cleaning services

The proposal will help determine the professionalism of the companies you’re considering. A well-written proposal should include date of service, time, hours needed for the cleaning task and the scope of the service. A price quote on the other hand, will tell you the costs that the service will incur. Study the proposals and price quotes so you can make the best decision for your cleaning needs.

Is Carpet the Right Flooring for Your Home

Homeowners are inundated with more choices than ever before. From the exterior coating to the interior flooring, the choices are so numerous that it is easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options available to you as the consumer. The truth is that many of these newer home furnishing options don’t offer much improvement over the tried and true staples that have endured for generations. For example, what is more durable than the traditional brick exterior? Carry that question to the inside of your house: what is more comfortable and durable than carpet in Chandler, AZ? The answer: not much. But how can you determine whether carpet is right for your home? Continue reading for some helpful hints that can help you make that choice for yourself. What Do You Value? >

Carpeting offers a distinct advantage over other flooring options. There is a reason why carpet has been used in homes for decades, and those particular reasons are far too numerous to list here in full. Perhaps the most compelling reason to install carpet in your home is the fact that it is the only flooring to fully embrace comfort while offering a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic. Your home should be a place that is supremely comfortable for you and your family, and carpeting is one of the best choices that you can make to promote that feeling of safety and comfort. Do You Appreciate Choice?

Another reason why you should consider carpet in Chandler, AZ, for your home is that this particular flooring offers a lot of choice. There are a plethora of color options, thread counts, and styles that you can choose from, meaning that you won’t be limited in any way if you choose to install carpet throughout your home. This is just another of the benefits that comes from installing high-quality carpeting in your house.

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The Basics Of Home Decor And Interior Design

Have you ever walked into one of those homes? You know, the immaculate, perfectly decorated home of your dreams. Don’t you wonder, how did they do this!? How are they able to make leopard bedding look so good? Well, you aren’t alone. Almost everyone wants a home that looks like it was decorated by a professional. You can have a home like this with a little know how. It really comes down to just a few basic design rules and letting your creative side run wild.

A Matter Of Colorlor

It all starts with color selection. The first thing that anyone is going to notice when entering your home is the colors in place. The choice of color is up to you. You will have to live with this color until you decide to move or change it. Keep in mind though, that you want a color that is able to keep up with your changing design tastes. You can’t go wrong with neutral colors for your walls, and then accenting with brighter pieces and trim.

The Texture Of It All

Textures is the next most important part of interior design. Without texture, even the most perfect of color combos is going to appear flat without texture. Here is a general rule of thumb. If you have a large amount of plain space, find ways to break it up and make it more lively. How to accomplish this? How about a piece of art or a textured paint finish. If you have an expanse of floor, then consider putting down a decorative rug to break it up. And remember, you want to add texture without adding clutter. If it looks messy then it probably is.

Focus On Focal Points

The last element of your design is a focal point. What is a focal point? Simply put, a focal point is a design element that is intended to gain the attention of viewer’s and guide their eyes. You can use many different items as a focal point. A decorative light fixture, such as a nice pendant light, or a painting, or even a window that has a very nice view.

Following these simple and effective tips will make you an interior design wiz in no time. Finally you can have the design that everyone else is jealous of!

Discover all the benefits that a leopard bedding can give you. Visit us now to learn more about leopard sheets today!

Brick Stencils Faux Painting Made Easy

If you have a plain wall or concrete floor, indoor or out, that is in need of a makeover, faux brickwork can be the ideal solution. Using readily available reusable stencils, you can transform a surface into an eye-catching feature. It’s a quick and easy faux painting technique that is ideal for beginners.
The Brickwork Look
Brick finishes can complement many styles of decor. They can look trendy and modern, adding warmth and color to a room. Old brickwork has a soft and time-worn quality that is attractive indoors and out. In the garden or on the patio, plain walling or an ugly concrete slab floor can be transformed into an appealing feature of your living space.
Using brick stencils is useful if you want to extend existing brickwork without the effort, expense and mess of actual construction. (And you may not be able to find bricks that match.) Brick stenciling is also an alternative to restoring existing brickwork. Brickwork that has been damaged or previously painted is notoriously difficult to restore but can be rejuvenated with clever use of paint.
Brick Stencils – Pluses and Minuses
With brick stencils you can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. The only time where you are likely to encounter difficulties is with corners or if you have curved features, such as doors or windows; fixed size stencils can be awkward to use in some spaces. You may even have to finish off these problem areas by hand. If you are matching your design to existing brickwork, you may have to make your own stencil or in some cases, manually mark out your pattern.
Which Design?
Brick stencils vary according to the pattern of brickwork or paving, and brick size, producing different effects. Some may be more suitable for your space than others, so plan carefully.
Different brick sizes and patterns create different textural effects. Choose a scale and degree of texture that fits your room or surface. Large and small brick patterns will be most suitable for different spaces. Some stencils are available from retailers in custom sizes.
You will also need to consider how a design will complement your room and its architectural and decorative style. Swirling or irregular patterns can create a soft effect and may go well in older or cottage-like homes and traditional-style gardens. Plain rows or geometric designs, including herringbone patterns, may suit a more modern house.
Be Creative
Sometimes the best effects are produced by breaking the rules. You can play with colors other than browns and reds, exploiting brickwork patterns and texture, rather than slavishly simulating the real thing. Faux bricks can be made to look clean and new or you can go for the aged and distressed look, enhanced with the use of faux painting techniques. Stencils are the basic method but there is plenty of scope for experimentation and innovation.

Carpet Cleaning Methods for Your Carpet

Carpets are one of the best materials you can use as flooring. Since carpet floorings are famous for their comfortable, attractive, and sound reducing features, many homeowners and entrepreneurs in Everett, Washington prefer to use them. However, carpet floorings require effort in maintenance and cleaning.

Carpets need to maintain their function and appearance for many years, and carpet cleaning is an effective way for carpet owners to prolong the life of their carpets. A wide array of carpet cleaning methods is available to help carpet owners with their maintenance dilemma. However, finding the right method to suit your carpet can be a little daunting. So what are some common carpet cleaning methods?

Carpet shampooing is probably the most traditional carpet cleaning method available. This method uses solutions that are applied on the carpet. These solutions are responsible in attracting and absorbing the dirt on the carpet. The solution will be left on the carpet for a few minutes, and when it is dry, carpet cleaners will use vacuum cleaners to absorb the brittle residues. Carpet shampoos are economic and can be done by homeowners on their own. However, many carpet cleaners believe that shampoo residues can damage carpet fibers.

Another common carpet cleaning Everett method is dry powder cleaning. From the label itself, the method utilizes powder that attracts dirt once applied on the carpet. It is often referred to as dry cleaning method. The powder will be applied on the carpet on a rotating manner and will be absorbed by a vacuum after. The method does not use water so carpet cleaners can expect carpets to dry off within a few minutes.

The most common and professional carpet cleaning Everett method is steam carpet cleaning. This method uses hot water and some solutions to remove the dirt from the carpet. It also penetrates the carpet pads to assure that the carpet is cleaned comprehensively. It is often offered by carpet cleaning companies since the method requires strong machines and vacuum cleaners.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning Everett method is difficult because you have to consider your carpet’s texture, size, and material. To assure the best method, you can hire carpet cleaners. They know the right method for every carpet type, so you don’t have to worry about damaging carpets on your own.

Interior Painting Reasons for Hiring a Professional to Paint

If you need to have the inside of your home painted, you may be trying to decide whether you should do it yourself or pay someone else to do it. There are various reasons why having a professional perform the job is a good idea. Find out why going this route will save you time, effort, and perhaps even money in the long run.

Interior painting is a task that can take weeks to complete, depending on the size of your house and the number of coats you are applying. The height of your ceilings also factor in to the average amount of time. If you have little else to do, perhaps due to taking time off work or being out of a job in general, completing this job might not be a hardship. However, if you work full time and have little time off, it will likely be difficult to complete this chore within a few weeks. Hiring a professional can ensure that it gets done quickly, and that you do not have to spend all of your free time applying paint to your walls.

Another detail that you might notice if you decide to paint is that you likely do not have all the tools you need. Not only will you need paint, paintbrushes, rollers, pans to pour the color into, and tape, to name a few things, but you will also need a ladder, a tarp, and other tools that not everyone has. This is especially true if you have vaulted ceilings. Letting an expert do the interior painting for you means that you do not have to buy all of these supplies on your own.

Not only would hiring a painter save you from having to buy lots of paint supplies, but you would also not have to purchase the necessary tools. Instead, you could simply pay the painter only for what you use, saving you from having tons of supplies sitting around the house that you likely would not use for years, if at all. Additionally, having an expert do the interior painting would save you from having to purchase a tall ladder if you do not already have one.

Clearly, having someone else do the job can save you lots of time, effort, and money. This is especially true if you can manage to find a coupon for a painter. Rather than spending all your time off doing the work yourself, you should let someone else paint your home the shade you want.

If you live in NYC, interior painting should not be a hassle that you have to dread taking on by yourself. To find a local company to take care of it, please visit

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Manchester

Naturally, restaurants will be extremely prone to carpet stains occurring. It can often prove very frustrating when there are stains which simply will not come out, and with so many likely to appear, it can seem like a futile task trying to remove them. Why not consider bringing in carpet cleaning experts for such a task? These stain removal experts are able to use innovative and highly effective methods and carpet cleaning Manchester equipment, to remove the vast majority of stubborn stains. They are so assured that they can eliminate your stains, that if somebody else manages to remove a stain where they couldn’t, your money will be refunded back to you.

Removing awkward stains whilst retaining the quality of the carpet is of utmost importance. With specialist technology, these experts are able to remove all stains without causing any wear to your carpet. In fact, the methods will actually leave your carpets cleaner for longer, as it involves a deep treatment that regular cleaning methods would not have been able to achieve.

Their dry removal techniques are able to lift dirt from the very base of the carpet, providing a thorough and successful method of dirt and stain removal, without leaving any damp or sticky residue. This is followed with a cleaning solution spray to remove any dirt from the carpet fibres, and the use of a rotary machine to fully extract any remaining deposits, leaving you with fresh and spotless results. In addition, their Fabriguard stain protection system will protect any future stains that form on your carpet, from becoming permanent.

In a busy environment, such as a restaurant, these experts understand that you’ll need your carpets clean and dry in the quickest time possible. Their methods guarantee that you’re carpets will be dry and available for use within an hour of the treatment, so that you can carry on with business as usual with little fuss or lost time. This, along with their friendly and professional approach ensures that you’ll receive the greatest carpet cleaning Manchester, conducted with the latest equipment, by the finest people in the business.

Written by Jenny Pilley, Content Writer for Creare; experts in internet marketing.

Private Jet Interior Real Luxury!

Most of us think that spending a few hundred dollars for a worn-out leather seat, maybe a new cup holder for our bottled water, and a few extra inches of legroom is luxury in a private jet interior. If this is your idea of luxury then you dont know what luxury is.

Imagine dropping $40 million into private jet aircraft for starters, then plunk down another $10-$30 million on the finest plush carpeting, the rarest of fine woods, the most advanced entertainment systems then add palatial bedrooms to top it off before its final rollout.

You have just moved from reality to The Mile High Club

Talk about the ultimate Pimp My Ride. Corporations and the super rich are shelling out money like a teenager with his first car, dropping every penny hes got on his first set of wheels. The corporation and super-rich spare no expense to make these private jets every bit a luxurious as the homes, hotels and offices they are accustomed to. The demand that the super-rich have required has fostered a new industry called completion centers These completion centers perform the same function as the custom hot rod shows or motorcycle shops perform. These shops are setting a new standard on what it means to fly private and fly in style.

What this new industry is doing is turning the private jet interiors into a place that you can spend 12 to 14 hours in luxury.

Unlike the cattle drives of the air in which most people fly, to describe the work that is done to these flying palaces as comfortable would be a gross understatement. So just what are some of the requirements of the corporations and the rich and famous? Try bedrooms and lavatories with gold plated fixtures, multiple kitchens and office suites. State of the art digital entertainment systems, antiques and just about anything your imagination and pocketbook can think of.

And the icing on the cake? A crew and staff with personal assistants, chefs an even a masseuse if that is what you so desire. With private jet interiors, the sky is the limit.

With some of the clients involved in these high- priced jets, security is also a major concern. Security and privacy aren’t the only considerations. Companies outfitting supped-up planes have to satisfy the whims of clients who want air palaces, while at the same time watching the plane’s weight and abiding by strict government rules that dictate what a jet can safely contain.

The bottom line, if you have the money and the desire, you can have one of the private jets tricked out to fit you every whim. Welcome to the real world of the rich and famous!